SelfScapes 2021

Kerry Fox and Beth Boyes Collaborative Art Practice ”Bog Witches”

We Once Were 2021

We Once Were…… Norns                                                    

Of Urdr

The Wyrd

The flow of what was                                              

The mother

The earth

The sea

Of waters flowing

The stream

The river

The Cailleach

The monolith

The lady of the lake

Of Dana

Of Brigid and Brigantia

I am your past

The Magna Mater

Weaver of your memory

The foundation for you to build

What is to come

Of Verdandi

Of what is present of what is

The ever present

holding the card of men

Of what is now

Of your own fate

What will be

And what is the moment                          

I weft your fate                                       

Of Skuld

Of Baduhenna

Of Valkyrie

I am war

I am of the dark

A warrior

Fighting for what should be

A fate

 A weaver

Of what will come

 I speak my mind

The oncoming storm

I cast my spear

You call me witch

You call me woman

She Wolf

We ruled kingdoms

We fought at Teutoburg

We are Thusnelda



We fought for equality and vote                                

You kept us in chains

Once you prayed to us

We were the first trinity

We of the maiden

The mother The crone