We Barricade We Rise

Installations made of Statements of Special Educational Needs 


We Rise …………….

Tension, taut, twisted, washed out, bleached burnt and wrung out.

Wrung out, fraught, tension pulled tight. no give, the drag

pulling back, no give, resistance, resisting, tension.

The sag, the give, burnt, burnt fingers, sigh, relief, dichotomy.

Take a breath, before the pull, before the tension, the drag, fraught, wrought, stretch taut, tort of law.

Scratched, bleached, washed out, legal, illegal, accountability, cuts, the cook the thief the wife and her lover, feast fat bellies, faceless men in ivory towers, writing the future without thought to the little people, Kafka’s K in a Brave New World?

Barricaded, rise, revolution, build where we dwell, do you hear the people sing, god cryed, power drunk fuckers filling my head with despair, unfair!

Faceless, unaccounted, unheard, not seen, not heard, silence, who speaks, who speaks out, separation, fragments, fragmentation, whose voice, whose choice, rights not fights, silent voices go unheard, isolation

Stamp, make a stand, burn, twist, turn, tension, fraught

I have no pockets but the coat is dangerous viva la tricoteuse knit one purl two

Aspects_k.fox_1  Aspects_K.Fox_detail Aspects_K.Fox_detail_2 Aspects_K.Fox_2

”Aspects of Mother Carer” Screen using Documents , tape, textiles, drawing, knitting, buttons