Ode to Bureaucracy

The installation ‘Ode to Bureaucracy’ was constructed using Education, Health and Care Plans for Special Educational Needs and the poem performed within the space was a culmination of words Mother /Carers sent in to describe their experiences battling the officious system to ensure their child/young person receives the support they need. 

Ode to Bureaucracy

I am the exhausted

I am lost

Disheartened, despondent, dejectedIMG_E1792

Battle hardened and weary

I am the mother                                                                                                            

I am the carer

I am the otherpap3

The wind that blows in the in between

A mother

An other

The silenced

The charity case

I am the outspoken

You redact me

I outrage youOde to bureaucracy 1

I am gagged

You gaslight

I am silent

I am the whisper

I roar

I am agitator

I am tiger

I am the warrior

The difficult parent

Mother blame

You are indifferent

You are silent

The twists

The barbs

You are tension

I am adversarialIMG_6062

I am ignored

I have no voice

You are complicit

I am the complainer

I am waiting

The deferred

The referred

The censored

You are assessmenthanging

The Censor

The Faceless

I am No one

I am broken

I am reduced



I battle on

You are relentless

You are Indifferent

You are bureaucracy

The officious

The policies

The cuts

You keep your silence

I am the petition

The re petition

The repetition

The silent

Never heard

Never seen

The loaded gun

The trigger


You pull